Shillong Teer Live Result Today [05 September 2023] First & Second Round List

In the Indian state of Meghalaya, there is a popular lottery game called Shillong TEER that is based on archery. Every day, there are two games played. Results of the Shillong TEER First and Second Rounds for September 5, 2023 Check the morning TEER Shillong results online here. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association releases the results of the first and second rounds of the Shillong Teer every day between 4:10 PM and 5:10 PM. The result is announced using two digits. Please read the whole article below to see the Shillong TEER Lottery game’s live results.

Regarding Shillong Teer

The only Indian state taking part in this lottery is Meghalaya. Siat Khnam and Thoh Tim are other names for this game. Because of the game’s tremendous popularity over the years, people from all over the country participate in it. This article will discuss the first and second round Shillong Teer results as of this morning, September 5, 2023. Along with the Night, Common, Hit, and Direct Target House Ending for the day, we will also give the Shillong Morning Teer Result.

The only organization that is permitted to run this TEER lottery scheme is the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association of the state of Meghalaya. You can buy tickets at the authorized ticket counter from 10 AM to 4 PM if you want to take part in this game. The final game is played in two rounds in the afternoon, and the results are announced separately.

The Shillong Teer Lottery Game: What Is It?

Before we discuss the Shillong TEER results for today, let’s go over the game’s regulations. Shillong TEER is a lottery game with an archery motif in which participants must guess how many arrows would hit the target. 50 archers shoot 30 arrows apiece throughout each of the game’s two rounds each day. Following the conclusion of both rounds, the number of arrows that actually hit the target in each round is revealed based on the predictions made by the participants.

Shillong Teer Live Result Today 5 September 2023

Let’s move on to the Shillong TEER Result for 5 September 2023 after studying the basics of the game. The first round of the game started at 4:10 PM, while the second round started at 5:10 PM. The results for both rounds are as follows:

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Date FR (4:10 PM) SR (5:10 PM)
05-09-2023 69 50
04-09-2023 46 60
02-09-2023 78 66
01-09-2023 24 48
31-08-2023 79 01
30-08-2023 09 09
29-08-2023 15 34
28-08-2023 18 11
26-08-2023 10 75
25-08-2023 43 18

First Round (FR) Results: On September 5, 2023, the first round of the Shillong TEER saw a total of 1500 arrows launched. Of these arrows, 1043 found their mark. The result of today’s first round was a final score of 43.

Second Round (SR) Results: The Shillong TEER for Today’s second round saw a total of 1500 arrows launched. Of these, 1206, arrows found their mark. The final score for today’s second round is thus 6.

How are the winners of the Shillong Teer Results chosen?

Now that we have the Shillong TEER Result or outcome for today, let’s look at how the winners were chosen. There are two different types of bets in the game: “direct” bets and “house” bets. The precise quantity of arrows that will strike the target must be predicted by participants in the direct wager. If their forecast is correct, they are paid Rs. 80 for every rupee gambled. The total number of arrows that have struck the target must be estimated by players in the house bet. They get paid Rs. 12 for every rupee wagered if their forecast is correct.

For example, if a participant wagered Rs. 10 directly on the number 1043 and the result of the first round was also 1043, they would earn Rs. 800. The player wins Rs. 120 if they bet Rs. 10 on the house number 2295 (the total number of arrows that hit the target in both rounds), and the outcome is 2295.

How to check Shillong Teer 05 September Result?

The official website for the Shillong Teer lottery,, publishes the results.

If you’re waiting for the results, you can view the winning numbers for the first and second rounds on the official website between 4 and 5 p.m.

Steps to check Today’s Shillong Teer Result 2023?

For this result, the declaration is made using both online and offline forms. Therefore, the list and the score published here are both online and offline verifiable by all contestants. How many arrows hit the target determines how much money is awarded in the Shillong Teer Game.

A payout for a winning lottery ticket that is between 300 and 500 rupees must be accepted by the player in this game. The winning candidate is then given a check for between 8,000 and 11,000 as their prize. Although there isn’t an official website for the Shillong Teer Game, you can check the live result on this website at the appropriate moment.

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